Saturday, May 2, 2020

Power of pepper in your diet.

I happen to come across the important uses of black pepper in our diet. I liked it and I am sharing it now.
*மிளகில் இருக்கு சூட்சுமம்*

* ஒரே ஒரு மிளகு போதும்... உண்ணும் உணவு சுவையாக.
* இரண்டு மிளகெடுத்து இரண்டொரு ஆடாதோடா இலை சேர்த்தால் இருமல், சளி காணாமல் போகும்.
* மூன்று மிளகெடுத்து வெங்காயம் சேர்த்து தலைக்கு தேய்த்தால் கேசம்கூட முசு முசுவென்று வளரும்.
* நான்கு மிளகும், சுக்கும் சிறிது கலந்தால் நெஞ்சுவலி சொல்லாமல் போகும்.
* ஐந்து மிளகும் சுக்கும் திப்பிலியும் இணைந்தால் கோழை ஓடியே போகும்.
* ஆறு மிளகெடுத்து பெருஞ்சீரகம் (சோம்பு) இடித்து உண்ண, மூலநோய் வந்த சுவடின்றி தானே மறையும்.
* ஏழு மிளகை பொடி செய்து நெய் கலந்து அன்னம் பிசைந்து உண்டால் நல்ல பசி எடுக்கும். தொண்டைப்புண்ணும் தொண்டைக்கட்டும் விட்டுப் போகும்.
* எட்டு மிளகோடு பெருங்காயம் சேர்த்துக்கொண்டால் வாந்திகூட எட்டி நிற்கும்.
* ஒன்பது மிளகும் துளசியும், ஒவ்வாமையை (அலர்ஜி) துரத்தியடிக்கும்.
* பத்து மிளகை வாயில் போட்டு கடித்து மென்று விட்டு, பகைவன் வீட்டிலும் பயமேயின்றி விருந்துண்ணலாம்.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Excellent new bakery in Electronic city Bangalore.

I am a resident of Neeladri Nagar in Electronic City, Bangalore. I have been living here since 2014.

Through the last six years, I have been a witness to its stupendous growth. Countless shops have come up with glossy looks and beautiful ambiance.

A few weeks before, a new bakery was opened in Neeladri Road. It is called "Iyengar's Own Fresh".

It is a small outlet but quite swanky with colorful lights.

The shelves are loaded with myriad cakes, pastries, loaves of bread, cookies, and some innovative products that include:
* Mava Cake
* Kara Roti

I shopped twice in the bakery; I bought pista cookies, walnut cake, bread, and plum cake which is my all-time favorite.

Both the walnut cake and the plum cake tasted delicious. They were spongy and sweet. I could bite into several walnuts and cherry fruits as I shoved large chunks of them into my mouth.

Though there is a small seating place (rather a witing place) inside the bakery, the lack of tables and chairs could deprive them of a good business as the locality is full of youth working in the IT industry. They would like to spend quality time in such places and that means more turnover to the bakery.

In addition, no tea or coffee is served. Tea goes well after a pastry-right? Had the bakery owner been a Bombaiite (Mumbaikar), the story would have been different. They would have arranged at least two tables and chairs, a definitive way to retain the customers for as long as possible.

I must admit, there is no space for dining tables and chairs but still...

Nonetheless, since I liked the quality and service ( I even received a box of tea cake as a gift) of the Iyengar's Oven Fresh, I would visit the shop again and again and try all pastries and cakes.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Know those who invade your privacy through bulk sms.

In this blog post, I will tell you those who are the main culprits for all the unsolicited messages that we all receive in our mobile phone.

Without exception, none of us like to receive unsolicited messages in our mobile phone-right?  While we also receive emails from total strangers, at least such emails carry an 'unsubscribe' link. Of course, some Indian companies and individuals still 'spam' us. They are fully aware that they are sending illegal emails but continue their business in an unabated manner. These are the first category of 'web pigs'.

The second category of 'filthy pigs' is those that carry on their business of sending 'bulk SMS'. I wonder who sells them the 'database' of phone numbers!

Here are some of them who are onto 'bulk SMS' business in India.



* HP-isoftt

I contacted one or two of them and asked how did they get my mobile phone number. I was greeted with silence and I know they have panicked and hung up.

They employ some software (?) with which they are sending messages that don't reveal any phone number. What cowardice!

It is saddening to note that even respected companies in India are hiring these disgusting way of marketing through unsolicited messages.

Why the technology-rich mobile networks that include AirTel or Vodafone have not found a way to block them?

Here are some of them from whom I have received messages in the past. I must admit I forgot whether it is through 'SMS' or email.

* Sundaram Finance (you too TVS group of companies?)

* Kotak Mahindra Bank

I forgot the names of some more big and very respected companies from whom I have received 'bulk SMS' hiding behind 'some alphabets without any number to contact and express my protest.

The company that is bombarding us with stupid messages don't have a clue as to:

* who we are

* what is our gender

* what's our age

* what're our needs

* whether we are alive or dead

I used to receive a repeated message from a Chennai based hospital assuring me, my infertility worries will be cured if I contact them. I am a male, 63 years old and I have a healthy son.

Such pointless and stupid messages will be sent by these 'bulk SMS' people and they get paid to do that! What a shame!

* Why would reputed companies hire such a shady way of generating a lead?

* Aren't they bothered about the violation of our privacy?

* Why are they throwing away their money?

* Why are they feeding unscrupulous businessmen?

I wish the Indian Government who are expert in employing moral policing, intervene and ban 'bulk SMS'.