Friday, October 2, 2020

A retirement community on the banks of Kaveri.


A retirement community on the banks of Kaveri.

It is known that senior citizens’ gated community or retirement homes in India are in big demand for the last 20 years.

Ever since the Indian computer engineers started deserting India, leaving their parents to tend for themselves, a spate of retirement homes has started springing up here and there.

Initially, the demand for taking refuge in a retirement home was centered around big cities such as Bangalore and Chennai.

Now, the trend has changed fully.  Senior citizens community homes are now being developed in villages assuring pollution-free environment and fresh vegetables and fruits.

One such retirement home for older adults is now functioning in Goovindapuram, a village near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu.

Kumbakonam is a highly preferred place among older adults because of several temples nearby. Besides, the cost of living is considerably cheap.

Kumbakonam is well connected with rail and road networks.

‘Srivathsam’ is the name of the old age home in Kalyanapuranm, near Govindapuram, Kumbakonam.

Here is an aerial view of the gated community for senior citizens.

You can see the river Kaveri flowing adjacent to the apartment complex.

The gated community for elders is fitted with all the necessary facilities such as a library, medical care, and sattvic food.

I personally am a bit confused about its location. Is it located in Govindapuram or Kalyanapuram near Kumbakonam?

For details about the facilities, amenities, and pricing of an apartment in Srivathsam retirement community, please visit

Friday, September 18, 2020

Diabetics and sweet potatoes-are they friends?

 Do these two contradictory things go hand in hand? I mean annoying diabetes and sweet potato?

As soon as I was diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago, I was warned not even to look potatoes, especially sweet potatoes as it would increase my blood sugar.

All these u=years, I obeyed like a schoolboy. However, of late, I have been coming across health-related news in Google feed that says even diabetics can eat sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes with orange skin contain beta-carotene and that is an added health benefit.

In addition, its low glycemic index (GI) is in fact very good even for those who are on insulin daily!

The only thing that I am wondering is what to make of sweet potatoes? Are there recipes for sweet potatoes apart from boiling it with salt?

Read this news item regarding the latest findings of the health benefits of sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

New senior citizens community in Chennai.

 I recently stumbled onto a post on Facebook regarding a new old age home for senior citizens in Chennai. As I am forever looking for a quality retirement community in Chennai or in other cities and towns in Tamilnadu, I read the FB post further. 

I know thousands of senior citizens in Tamilnadu are also on the lookout for luxury retirement homes. I am sure this blog post about an old age home in Chennai will be useful to them.

Here is what I found.

 Name of the old age home: 

Sri Perundevi Old Age Home

The owner of the website has failed to renew the domain and the website is not live.

Address of Sri Perundevi Old Age Home:

 No.6, 4th Street, near to HDFC ATM, Gandhi Nagar, Keelkattalai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117

Landmark: Near Nilgiris

 Phone: 9884056233/98840 56203

I got these two phone numbers from different places on the web. I don't know which one is correct.

 Contact Person: Chandra Arangan

From the following link, I found some more details about the old age home.

Reproduced as seen on the web page:

The Homes Is Situated Near Keelkattalai Bus Stand The Newly Constructed Complex of 40 individual rooms Of 400 Square Feet each room contains attached bathroom and latrine (European Western closets, Adequate ventillation) Every flat is fully furnished with 2 Cots, Beds, Pillows, Bed Sheets , TV, Refr...

If someone has contacted the owner of the old age home, I request him/her to share the correct number, rate and other related details through the 'comment' box below this blog post.