Saturday, February 27, 2016

Earn money for testing a website.

Earn money for testing a website

This kind of usability testing work has been available since a long time. I too had a short stint with one such company that hired me as a professional feedback giver.

What is exactly is the work for a usability tester?

website usability testing

You, as a tester, are paid to test websites (now even mobile apps too) and give feedback on various aspects of the websites that include:
Overall appeal
Spelling and grammar
The quality of the content
The speed of loading
Images quality  etc

The genuine feedback you give helps them to improve their website on various front.

You are selected based on your profile and knowledge of various types of websites and CMS platforms and web hosting. This means, you will not have hands full all the time.

The actual job also involves engaging a video screen capture to capture your time spent on the websites, your clicks on links and images and more. As you browse the website given to test, you will keep recording your opinions.

There may be other questions that you will have to answer. I understood an important point while working as a usability tester. The number of questions that are put forward to you to answer should be very less and it is possible only if our feedback is near thorough leaving no stone unturned.

The compensation varies but it used to be $10 per task.

 To help you start off immediately here is a website that I know of which hires website testers.

My Crowd wants you to look for bugs which we generally are adept at-right? I mean we find it easy to find faults. Oh, in fact, we enjoy that work.

Apply to be a website tester NOW.


  1. I am wondering about this. Other user testing sites that I have tried to work for had issues.

    I am concerned that it may be another one of those things that takes several hours to make a few pennies.

  2. The time taken to complete a task varies with the knowledge and experience. However, I understand your concern. It is worth trying your hand.