Saturday, February 20, 2016

Free pant stitching offered by Raymond.

An advertisement is published to day in Times of India, Bangalore edition.

It is titled as, "Exchange your old trousers for a custom tailored fit".  The word 'Raymond' alongside the ad made me to read the ad.

The big brand Raymond is offering free tailoring of your pant when you buy the pant cloth from anyone of the notified Raymond retail outlets in Bangalore .

To avail this free pant stitching service, you only need to donate your old trousers to charity.

Dress stitching by tailors at Raymond outlets has a good reputation.

Click on the image below to view the advertisement fully.
 Free pant stitching offer by Raymond


  1. I visited hazratganj LKO for free stitching they rejected two times my old pants whenever these are used by me daily and told that Pant should be wearable I say that I wear these daily. Which variety cloth I wear that never weared by celebrity and executives so the word wearablecan not be defined.

  2. looking at the offer & after messages from raymond,i visited a authorised Raymond shoeroom at bangalore Majestic area.Aghast, staff said the offer days are over,no basic courteosy to customer.staff most non cooperative, careless.Made to wait for 30 mts. to get a code to get the redemption.Most funniest is no tailor to stich the purchased meterial from that showroom-well that is raymond, ihad to come out cancelling all.