Monday, February 29, 2016

Send documents and parcels abroad from India hassle free.

Send documents and parcels to other countries without going to the couriers' office.

Two days before, I received a message in my gated community WhatsApp group indicating a new website located at, an aggregator of leading International courier services that offer to deliver our documents and parcels to other countries.

Normally, when we have something to send abroad, we walk up to our nearest courier shop, check in our goods, pay up whatever is asked for, get the receipt and await it to be delivered at the foreign destination.

In such a case, we generally do not compare prices with other couriers and also do not bother to compare the number of days for delivery by them.

What are the advantages of using Jiffie.

Jiffie is a site that has partnered with all the leading International courier companies and allows us to compare the rates demanded by them for our package and the number of days for delivery at the destination.

To deliver our package to the courier we have chosen, we need not visit the courier; we can ask the courier company to pick it up from our home.

We can also pay the price in cash (other popular ways of payment are also provided) at the time of handing over the package.

We can track the shipment too.

University applications

Students can also send University applications through Jiffie at a discounted rate.

Jiffie is a Bangalore based startup company.

The only thing that bothered me is that the website is not mobile friendly and the page speed score of it tested by Google is 61/100.

Users will have to view the website in desktop or laptop to browse the site thoroughly.

Please a visit to and use their services as and when required.

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