Thursday, March 31, 2016

88 ways a freelance writer can earn money.

Yesterday, when I was talking to a prospective freelance writer, I casually mentioned about cashing in on his poem writing penchant. I thought he lent a half ear but I was wrong ; he has been thinking about it and just now emailed me a short poem meant for greeting card and asked me to sell it.

Ha, ha, that was fast and I am sure it did not work that way. He has to sign up with a few companies that hire freelance writers, send his work, wait for approval and then get paid.

When I explained this short process of working as a freelance writer for greeting card publishers, he wanted to urgently know the names and addresses of them.

Alas, that information I do not have but I know of a book that contained such information regarding marketplaces for freelance writers exclusively.

I knew that greeting card writing might fetch anywhere from $25 - $200 per card plus royalties range from 2 to 10 %. Established writers can command more money.

Does greeting card writing appears easy to you and you expect to earn easy money? Man, it is not that easy. In about 2 to 10 lines, you have to emote with the prospective buyer on a personal level.

Be prepared to rejection letters in a bunch. Persistence alone pays.
Oh yes, about that book titled, “88 ways a freelance writer can earn money ”, click on the image below.
 88 ways a freelance writer can earn money

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