Monday, March 7, 2016

அந்த ஒரு சிக்ஸர்! யம்மா! மரண அடி!

M.S.Dhoni அடித்த அந்த ஒரு சிக்ஸர் -யம்மா! மரண அடி!

The ball landed 104 meters away from the batting crease. Incredible shot that only Dhoni can play.

Oh, man, what a finisher he is! That's why Dhoni is loved even by Al Amin whose bowling faced that massacare. Oh, Al Amain gets the "coolest player of the tournament"!

Al Amin will neither forget his award for maximum number wickets (11) in 2016 Asia Cup nor those two sixes that made the Bangladesh crowd teary eyed.

To help you and me to relive that last over of Asia Cup 2016 final, here is that video to view again and again. Don't forget to watch the reaction of Bangladesh supporters.

View Dhoni's reaction on finishing the match with a six.

I love you Dhoni bhai! God bless you.

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