Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disturbing experience with Big Basket.

The day before yesterday, I ordered some vegetables with I used their mobile app. The order was split into two delivery slots; one within the next 60 minutes of ordering and the other was supposed to be delivered between 5 to 7.30 PM yesterday.

Bigbasket always delivered on time if not earlier. However, the order number MBO-8150665-110316 was delivered only at 8.30 PM. When I asked the delivery boys the reason for the delay, I was told that it was due to thick traffic. After an hour or so, I received an email (see below) from Big Basket that the order was delivered at 6.44 PM. I could not understand the reason behind this lie.

Dear Rangan Badri,

Your order MBO-8150665-110316 has been delivered at March 12, 2016, 6:44 p.m..
For any issues related to this delivery, please contact us at 1860-123-1000 or email
Please click on the link below to rate the overall BigBasket experience related to this delivery.
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Thanking you,
Team Bigbasket

I emailed to their customer service that the items were delivered only at 8.30 PM. Responding to my email, Big basket informed me that due to delayed delivery, I was credited Rs.14 in my account.

Dear Rangan Badri,

      We apologize for the delay in delivery of your order # MBO-8150665-110316. We have credited Rs 14 as per the Delivery Guarantee to your BigBasket Wallet and your new credit balance is Rs 14. You can check BigBasket Wallet for the details about your wallet activity.

Happy Shopping! Team

I can understand a delay once in way and in fact it was the first time I experienced it, but, why tell a lie? It has certainly spoiled their reputation.

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