Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Free guide on how to get more Twitter followers.

I noticed an excellent strategy to collect email leads using twitter. It is so simple but very effective.

I received an email notification from Twitter that one Social Quant followed me. I wondered what did I ever do in Twitter to attract someone to follow me. Nevertheless, I was curious to find who that was and landed on https://twitter.com/TheSocialQuant.

The first thing that caught my eye there was this big image below offering a free guide on how to get more Twitter users to follow you.
How to et more twitter followers

Ah, you know what will happen when you click on the image. Yes, you will have to surrender your email address to get free access to that free e-guide.

Naturally you will take action if you want it and also end up following Social Quant.

On an impulse, I browsed through the tweets of Social Quant and found that there are more tweets about Twitter marketing.

I like Social Quant's strategy.

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