Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Amazon India charged 42% shipping charges for marker pens.

I ordered two boxes of whiteboard marker pens (black and blue) from +Amazon India on 31st march 2016 vide order # 402-6802028-9017916 and #402-0920985-7808340.

The cost of them was Rs.170 and Rs.189 respectively. It was fine as the same is sold at Rs.240 to Rs.250 in nearby shops.

 We all buy online because it would be cheaper than offline purchase-right?

However do you know the shipping charges for each of them? Rs.70 and Rs.80 each! One box came from New Delhi and one came from Chennai.

This came to Rs.509 totally for two packs of whiteboard marker pens of ten each.
I ended up paying more than the offline price!

Total cost of product before shipping: Rs.359
Shipping                                                  Rs.150

Percentage of shipping was a whopping 41.78%

I must agree that I was aware of the shipping cost before ordering; it was foolish of me to have gone through the order.

How Amazon India can justify this pricing?
Is there a way to ask for a reduction of refund as I ordered two items at a time.

I believe this would serve as a warning to future buyers from Amazon.in 

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