Thursday, April 28, 2016

Disappointing customer service by Su-Kam.

If you have registered a complaint with Su-Kam, the inverter service provider, I am sure you too would have gone through their indifferent customer service. Ever since I bought an inverter from them in 2012 from one of the dealers in Madras, I have experienced poor customer service from them.

On 22/4/2016, I lodged a complaint with Su-kam customer care. The complaint number is 17444019418. I was told that it would be attended on 25/4/2012.

I waited till 26th April and called up Su-Kam at 1800-102-7555. I was assured that a field engineer will attend to my complaint on 26/4/2016.

Again, none turned up. I waited till 8 PM but in vain.

Today (28/4/2016), I took up the matter with customer care with no hope. As expected, I was asked why none has yet turned up till now?  Wryly, I told them it is I who is asking the question.

After a prolonged wait, I was asked to call one Kushal Raj at 9900714433. When I called him to repeat the entire history, he asked me to contact the branch manager and gave another mobile number (9900056040).

Relentlessly, I called him and again repeated the history with patience. I was put on hold for a few minutes. Finally, I was given another number of a field engineer and was assured that he will come tomorrow (29/4/2016).

I am terribly upset by this tossing up by Su-Kam power who convinced me with very sweet talk that I should take up an annual maintenance contract (AMC) in 2015. I was foolish enough to have obliged.

What should I do with such a deplorable company?

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