Friday, April 22, 2016

DISH TV's technical deficiency and deplorable service.

I have been a DISH Tv user ever since they launched their service in India. It was along with a Cricket world cup, if I remember correctly.
 My present VC number: 01515258293

Yesterday, I ordered HBO SD pack as an added channel (a la carte) to my existing package using DISHTV customer care call service. I would not call it a 'customer care' but just a ' customer call' service and that too could be accomplished with himalayan effort.

In fact, as early as in 2012 itself, I blogged about Dish TV's deplorable customer service. Read it here:

Oh, coming back to my yesterday's horrible experience with Dish TV, as soon as I somehow successfully communicated with a reluctant staff and made my channel addition request, I realised I needed Star World Premier HD instead of the one  I requested.

Therefore, within 5 mins I again contacted the Dish TV care and requested for cancellation of HBO SD.

This is when they gave a funny answer.
That my channel HBO was activated already (in 5 mins) and it was in lock in mode (whatever that is) for 30 days! Simultaneously I got a text saying to stay on 999 for 15 mins.

I asked them why they couldn't deactivate the service for a loyal and long standing customer . I got a parrot like reply "lock in period"  et al.

Now my query is, in a competitive world when everyone is going out of the way to please a customer, what gives Dishtv and their likes this callous attitude?
Are they not technically equipped to mete out my request or have I stayed with them too long.

I know what you might me thinking. Why did not I send an SMS for any channel addition.

I did it.

This is that SMS format that was displayed on my TV.
"DISH TV ADD 40 to 56765" from my registered mobile. Voila! When I did that, do you know what I got back? The format is invalid and I should add my VC number too.

When you are asked to send SMS from Dish TV registered mobile number, it is meant to track your VC number (Customer ID) -right?

For all the trouble and the loss of money, that unwanted channel is yet appear in my TV in spite of keeping channel #999 for more than 40 minutes.

In addition, whenever I manage to get hold of someone in Dish TV customer care, I am compelled to listen to a non-stop and furious Hindi dialogue. There is no basic decency to start the conversation in English.

I think it is the right time to sever my connection with Dish TV. There is no dearth of satellite TV providers in Bangalore.

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