Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hotel MNH Royal park Tirunelveli-review.

A review of hotel MNH Royal Park, Tirunelveli.
Hotel MNH Royal Park-Tirunelveli

The room where we stayed in Hotel MNH Royal Park (, Tirunelveli last week look exactly as the image above. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise for me as I did not expect it to be so spotlessly clean.

The interior decoration was cheerful and the service is very courteous. The hotel is maintained like a palace. he air conditioner was silent and efficient and the food was also good and the way the delivered the food in our room was in full style.

The standard a/c room rent was Rs.1500+ inclusive of all taxes.

I should write a word about the lift by Legend. It was all glass and the operating panel was a 'touch screen' type. Superb! I have not seen it even in 5 star hotels. It is sad they are not actively promoting their elevators. I could not locate them in any social media. They don't even have their own website!

Generally, hotels in uptown Tamilnadu are much better than the hotels in Madras. 

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