Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hotel Sitthi Residency Kumbakonam-Review.

Hotel Sitthi Residency, Kumbakonam-review.

On 10th of this month, I checked into hotel Sitthi Residency, Mutt street, Kumbakonam. My plan was to stay for two days to visit nearby temples.

The a/c room was adequate with clean bathrooms and the service was good though not in style. The room rent was only Rs.950 per day (24 hours check out).

The hotel even offered free WIFI and though it is not a restaurant attached hotel, there was a pure vegetarian restaurant just opposite.

Now, look at the image below. The telephone stand (made of heavy metal)was fixed just above the bed. When I got up, my head dashed on it and I started bleeding on my head. Somehow I arrested the bleeding in 15 minutes.

The location of the telephone stand was a very bad idea. I warn the future visitors of this condition.

In addition, there is only one source to charge the mobile phone.

Cheap and best hotel in Kumbakonam.

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