Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Authentic and tasty South Indian pickles, ready to cook mixes.

About 10 days before, I saw a huge coverage of Meenakshimami.com by Yahoo!. The article was about meenakshimami.com, maker of authentic South Indian
* pickles
* ready to cook mixes
* vathals and vadams
and more.
south indian pickles, ready to cook mixes, sambar powder, avakkai pickles, vathals

Ever since we relocated from Madras to Bangalore three years ago, we we certainly missing most of the above mentioned essential food items. Yahoo!'s coverage was timely and I immediately landed on meenakshimami.com and browsed through the menu.

I placed order for three items namely:
* paruppu podi
* kadaranga pickle
* vathakozhambu mix

The paruppu podi was very tasty and was different from my favorite brand 'Ambika'. Today, we used the vathakozhambu mix with great expectation. The end product was beyond my expectation. The taste was absolutely authentic and the consistency was just right.

When I tried to place some more order a few minutes ago, I noticed that none of my choice was available.

There is no way to pay online as soon as you check out. You will have to transfer the invoice amount online and then, notify them about your payment details to enable them to deliver.

In my case, even before I could pay for my order, I got the package yesterday. However, I paid for it now.

I foresee a good patronage to them from all over India and abroad if they are willing to become big.

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