Duplicate content and AdSense, new insight from Google.

That Google will penalize sites with duplicate content-a long standing belief that is finally broken. In addition, learn unrevealed truths regarding how Google approves an application for AdSense.
On May 12th, Google had organized a AdSense Publishers meet in Bangalore. One blogger by name Abishiekh Jain from Chennai had attended the meet and has published his observation in detail. I recount below some of the points related to AdSense as noted by Abishiekh  Jain.

If you want to read his blog post fully, ( I urge you to do it) please click on the link below from which I jotted down the excerpts here.

With respect to AdSense:
* Clear navigation
* Do not place ads too close to navigation
* Site warning
* Account suspension
* Duplicate content penalties
* Google pagerank
* Keyword density
* Hindi content is being approved

Tools to use for content curation
* Quora  (my favorite)
* Feedly

Tools for content distribution
* Slide share
* Phplist.com

Tips for attracting visitors
* Compelling headline
* Infographics
* Include videos

Meaning of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Note: This blog post is just an excerpt and obviously, there is more to every topic discussed pointed above. The blog post by Abishiekh  Jain is extremely useful for bloggers worldwide.