Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Earn a bonus for monetizing your blog and Instagram.

Earning a small bonus cash by monetizing your instagram and blog is offered by Pepperjam, an affiliate network that I have associated with for 4 years or so and I assure you they do what they say.

Yes, when I first joined Pepperjam affiliate network, they paid me $25 just for joining.

Today, I received an email from Pepperjam that says:

"You can now earn a bonus for monetizing your Instagram and blog!
Pepperjam Network is offering publishers bonuses for utilizing Like2Buy and Reveal in our Content Curator tool. Best of all, in addition to the bonus, you’ll receive commission for all sales referred through your links.
To participate, complete the following steps:
  • Step 1: Sign-in to your publisher account
  • Step 2: Register for the Content Curator tool here
  • Step 3: Click here to email with your publisher ID to get accepted into the program
  • Step 4: Put Like2Buy link in Instagram profile with call to action (i.e. “Click this link to shop) – earn a $2 bonus
  • Step 5: Productize 5 images – earn a $5 bonus plus $2 for multiple product tagging
  • Step 6: Use Reveal tool on your website/blog – earn a $2 bonus
  • Step 7: Email with your unique Like2Buy URL for approval
What is Like2buy?
Social Content Monetization: Curalate's Like2Buy Solution for Instagram
Like2Buy makes it possible to drive traffic and revenue through Instagram
  • Like2Buy enables publishers to drive traffic to advertisers’ sites from their Instagram
  • Publishers can send their followers to advertisers’ product pages, driving high quality traffic and revenue through the affiliate channel
Reveal Solution
Image Monetization: Curalate's Reveal Solution for Bloggers
  • Reveal allows publishers to make the images on their blogs clickable and shoppable
  • Reveal enables publishers to link images on their blogs to advertiser product pages
  • The images link directly to advertiser product pages, enabling easy product discovery and purchase for consumers
Please feel free to contact our dedicated team member for the Content Curator,Shawna Engler with any questions."

The above message is what I exactly received.  You have nothing to lose to try it.

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