Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fuel delivered at doorstep

Fuel delivered at doorsstep

Yes, you read it right boss! Fuel is being delivered right at your doorstep and it is done while you are at work, or shopping or getting groomed at a parlor or even while sleeping!

It is right now in operation in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Nashville and Atlanta.  A few startups have ventured into this novel business idea and residents have widely supported this unique service.

Land prices have gone up sky high and therefore, setting up a gas station (petrol bunks) has become very expensive. A venture capitalist has rightly pointed out that it would cost $2.25 million to set up a gas station whereas, for only $50,000, one can buy a gasoline delivery truck.

Who are the most benefited by this idea?
Construction companies, homes tucked far away from the main road and farmers have extended their whole hearted support.

However, the Government is viewing it warily because of the movement of inflammable liquid in residential areas.

If only such a novel business is possible in India, the residents and employees of Electronic City, Bangalore will welcome it heartily. Right now, only one petrol bunk is servicing as many as 8000 vehicles (on a very conservative estimate) plus an equal number of transit vehicles.

Image and news Source: Times of India

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