Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Heated slippers with remote control.

My mother’s conditions slightly put me off when she told me that she needs a warm pair of slippers. I thought the winter has faded away but her age reminded me she may have her reasons.

Here are her conditions:
·        *  The warmth that she should get from the slippers should last for at least 10 hours.
·          * If I am going to get her a pair of heated slippers, it should come with a remote control device.
·         * Should have wet weather protection
·       *   It should not be heavy.

When I began my search online, the options that started at me was mind boggling. In fact, some products offered the exact features that I was looking for plus more enticing advantages.

As ever, I started looking for customers’ feedback and I was compelled to click on Cozy Winters Reviews because I liked the apt name of the website. After all, don’t we all like to feel cozy during winters?

Lead by positive reviews, I landed on their website and quickly navigated to find heated slippers for both outdoors and indoors. (image below)
battery operated heated slippers with remote control

The heated slippers come with two 3.7v 2000mah rechargeable lithium batteries and a remote control device. Oh, of course, a charger is also provided.

I hope the slippers provide instant heat to the feet.

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