Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Learn rich snippet, implement in your web content, obtain Google's stamp of authority.

This blog post tells you what a 'Rich Snippet' is and why digital marketers should try to obtain it from Google and also hints at how to fetch a rich snippet.

Keeping in tune with Google’s indexing algorithms and listening to SEO experts in blogosphere is my favorite pastime though I do not take pains to experiment them in my websites nor I implement them. I just do it to update my digital marketing knowledge.

As I said, it is purely pastime.

Of late, I have noticed a short summary of information below most of the search results that are different from the so called ‘meta description’ that webmasters use while doing on-page SEO. This latest summary is called ‘Rich Snippet’. On a closer examination of this rich snippet, you can see it is extracted from a web page and also contains page title and the URL.

Example of a rich snippet:
Image via:

Are you wondering what is all this about and why a blogger or a digital marketer should know about it?

Google’s stamp of authority:
When you see a rich snippet in answer to your search query, it means Google’s stamp of value of the content that it discovered among other content in its search. Yes, you can up your collar if your web page is listed in the search results followed by the rich snippet.

You are placed above the number one ranked:
When Google index your site as the best and quick answer to the search query, your web page is displayed above the organic results.  Do you know what does that imply? You have beaten your competitor at the finish line.
Since the snippet itself gives a quick answer to the users’ question, naturally, they click on that rich snippet to know more and thus the visitors form a queue to look at your web page.

How it is possible to obtain a rich snippet?
1.     Searching the right keyword to your content and using it in your web page is the number one exercise.
2.    By looking at few more samples of rich snippet, you would realize what exactly is considered as ‘quick answer’ by Google.

Look at the image below that I saw in Search Engine Watch. The image is self explanatory of what is meant by a quick answer.

The search query is "How to make pancakes"

Image courtesy: 

Now imagine how the content might look in the actual web page and you will admire the creativity of the content developer.

It is natural that Rich Snippet would also fetch a fair amount of social share.
Search Engine Watch rightly said that you don’t have to aim to rank at the top search results. If your content is carefully woven to obtain rich snippet, then, you have shown your authority over the topic of the said content.

Now, please do your further research on the various types of rich snippets and listen to highly regarded web masters and religiously follow their advice and implement on your web content to earn the highest accolades in the digital marketing world.

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