Monday, May 2, 2016

Make money from your blog with Spillads.

You can earn money from your blog without selling anything or without anyone clicking on ads. I am sure many of the bloggers are aware of CPM ad networks that offer the easiest way to monetize your blog.

As far as I know, there are 135 CPM ad networks. There may be more too.

Cost Per Impressions (CPM) means you are paid for every thousand ad impressions that your blog generates.  Most of the advertisers that pay on the CPM are very choosy in approving the blogs. Very high quality traffic is the prime criteria and that implies U.S. traffic is the most preferred one.

However, there are companies that approve blogs of even moderate traffic. SPILLADS is one such company based in U.S.

I read that 'Spillads' works for all kinds of sites. As a publisher, you are encouraged to try it by sending your blog URL for approval. The ad is a 'pop under' type.

What is 'Pop Under' advertisement
Pop unders ads open a new window hidden under the existing/active window on the browser. This window appears only when the current window is closed, thus not interrupting the user.

Spillads features
No free domains are accepted.
Minimum payout is only $5

If interested, please have a look at the site SPILLADS

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