Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monetize your blog with Parity Ads, Indian ad network

This blog post will introduce you to an Indian ad network called Parity Ads. It offers CPM based ads in the form of text and banners to monetize your blogs.

There is always a demand among Indian bloggers to get associated with Indian ad networks because they assume, being Indian bloggers, they easily get accepted by Indian based advertising companies.

I am skeptic about such an assumption. Ad networks approve any site that meet their terms and conditions.

Parity Ads is a Ahmedabad based company that approves sites that are self hosted only. This means, no freely hosted sites such as blogpost or weebly etc.

If you have such a blog and can prove that your blog receives a minimum of 5000 impressions per month, you can apply with your blog URL and other details.

The minimum payout is $15  The site claims that about 3000 publishers are making money with them.

If interested, please click on the site's logo above.

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