Sunday, May 15, 2016

Native instruments komplete 10, video review.

Of all the legendary literature writers, I believe Shakespeare loved the music more than anyone else. Quote, “If music be the food love, play on, excess of it”. 

What would have been his reaction if he listened to modern music played with the help of native instruments komplete 10, an extraordinary development of music software that generates the sounds of just about any music instrument and that too in studio effect? He might reject it initially, but, slowly, he would start liking it.
Native Instruments Komplete 10, Music Software
Native Instruments Komplete 10, Music Software

Look at the list of music instruments sound in Komplete 10:
African drums
Bass guitars
Various types of Piano
And many more.
The music software is said to produce sounds of 39 instruments totaling to 12000 sound clips. Nearly 130 GB of digital sound!

The credit should go to some of the best sound engineers in the music world.

There is an exclusive video demo of Komplete 10 by Guitar Center in YouTube.

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