Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review of Tc electronic impact twin firewire interface.

Just a few hours before I was talking to my son about the exact usage of tc impact, an audio interface for musicians, especially guitar players and percussionists who want to record their on stage performance separately.

Since I have limited knowledge of such high end audio interface with built in preamps, I asked my son several questions of which my first question was why a preamp is necessary at all. 

Oh, yes, he plays guitar and has 3 guitars of various types and brands.

He told me the contemporary musicians use to plug their pickups and microphones separately into a preamp and it is the function of the preamp to receive the two signals to blend into one single output.

Ah, that made sense to me.

I was also told that, stage shows these days attract huge crowds and as such there is considerable noise that can only be reduced with high performance audio interface that are kept close to the microphone and the music instrument, the source of the signal.

Naturally, by using TC Electronic Impact Twin Next Generation Firewire Interface, the recorded output sounds the same as it sounded on stage during the live show.

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Look at this video review of Tc Electronic Impact firewire Interfcae.

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