Thursday, May 12, 2016

The interesting story behind Bumrah's yorkers.

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I am one of the million fans of Jasprit Bumrah, the cricketer. We all have seen him bowl terrific yorkers especially at the so called "death overs". I wonder who coined the phrase death overs. (death of who)

There is an interesting story behind Bumrah's yorker bowling skill. After you have read this piece of information, you may want to become India's bowling coach. Hey, I am serious dear.

It all started with an afternoon nap. In order to get some sleep, Daljeet Bumrah imposed a condition on her son who liked to bowl inside home in the hot summers. She told him he could only bowl at the walls if he found a way to keep the noise down. The 12-year-old Bumrah had a eureka moment. The floor skirting, where the wall meets the floor, was chosen as the target as he found that the ball made the least sound when it bounded off it. 


If you care to visit the source link cited above, you will know how Jasprit Bumrah was picked up by the Mumbai Indians to play in the IPL 

Here is a short video clip showing Bumrah's yorkers.

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