Saturday, May 14, 2016

Two authentic paid to survey websites.

I believe 'paid to survey' or 'get paid to answer survey questions' are still being searched by online money seekers and the work from home category of people mainly from India and the U.S.

I am now nudged by a Canadian national sitting next to me. He whispered, "include Canada also". So be it. Canada also. (smile)

He informed me of two authentic websites where one can become a free member, take surveys as and when available and get paid for the same.

The first one is "Say Bucks".

They accept members from the following countries:

The second website is Valued Opinions.

I read that it is an Indian company and is a paying site and panel members are earning up to Rs.7000 per month.
Paid surveys is not my cup of tea. Hence, I am not able to offer my personal feedback. Nevertheless, as long as they do not charge anyone, anything to signup, there is no risk in trying-right?

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