Thursday, May 5, 2016

Two days old article ranked number 9 in Google.

Two days before I published an article in this blog. It was titled, "Learn Rich Snippet, implement in your web content, obtain Google's stamp of authority".

Yesterday (today too), I checked Google to see how my post has performed by typing, "Learn rich snippet" in Google search box. Oh, I did it without quotes of course.

The first two sites in the search results stared at me as they were two days ago when I did a little research on what title should I use for my article. Yes, they occupied the same place.

As I scrolled down, there, my article was ranked number 9 in the search results out of 6,13,000 mentions.

Look at the screenshot below.Please click on it to view a larger image.

To be frank, I was expecting it to see it on the first page because I did some experiment (contrary to my nature) and I thought I did it correctly and also took the courage to implement it in the content.

Well, I am happy it paid.

I am aware that it is not permanent and might go up or down in the search results. It's just that my experiment was fruitful, gave me a little satisfaction of victory.

This blog was launched only two months ago with no backlinks to boast of. In addition, this blog was approved by one of the leading blog marketing company with whom I have been associated since 2007.

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