Thursday, June 9, 2016

Earn $15 to $50 per article.Freelance writers hired.

As a journalistic blogger, it is my deep interest to direct targeted readers to the right information at the right time. In this process, I mostly do not offer any advice or guidance on what to do further after getting them landed on the resource. As a web journalist it is only thus far that I do.

As I have been earning my livelihood since 2006 as a blogger, I know how many millions of people around the world are looking to work from home by capitalizing on their writing skills. Writing for the Internet is their passion and strength too.

Most of the companies hiring freelance writers are looking for either full time or part time writers who:
·         * Possess good knowledge about a particular subject,
·        *  Are aware of the required writing format,
*      * Can spend quality time for research. 

I direct such aspiring web content writers to Online Writing Jobs, a respected and genuine company that is hiring writers since 2007; may be earlier too.

Who can apply?
Only the U.S. residents are eligible to apply.

How much they pay per article?
The pay varies from $15 to $50 per article.

When do they pay?
They pay on every Friday through PayPal.

How to apply?
Oh, the usual process of filling out an application form is required accompanied by a sample work of 500 words. If accepted, you are paid $10 for the sample article and you will be accepted as a writer.

You’re also asked to fill out a W9 and send in a photo ID. This is necessary so they know for sure you are a US citizen.

Online writing work is always available and hence I would call it a recession proof sector. In addition, there is no gestation period like any other business, be it online or offline. You start earning right away as a freelance writer.

Freelance writers have wide options to write about that include blog posts, technical writing, creative writing, academic subjects, social media content etc. Writers are also in demand for various subjects like art, history, science, philosophy etc

Go ahead and start your online writing career NOW!
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