Friday, June 3, 2016

Modi's helping hand to Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Though a news item was published in the front page of today's Times of India, it was allocated only a very small place with  headline that read, "Law to change for citizenship to Pak Hindus".

The news when fully read cited the home ministry of Government of India that is ready with draft amendments to the citizenship law that will exempt minority citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh who have come to India out of fear of religious persecution from being tagged as “illegal migrants“.

The changes to the Citizenship Act, 1955, will give a legal path to remain in India and even claim citizenship to nearly 2 lakh Hindus in these two countries who complain that they are treated as “second-class citizens“. It also marks Modi government's unambiguous desire to be seen as a protector of Hindus facing adverse circumstances.

I am sure almost every Indian resident is aware of the struggles of Hindus living in Pakistan and Bangladesh but could do nothing on their own because it is a matter of high level politics.

Ever since Independence, no Indian Government took bold steps to redress the suffering of Hindus living in the neighboring countries. Now, finally, something seems to be cooking positively and I fervently wish the opposition parties do not hinder the action of Modi Government.

In India, especially in cricket, we treat the Pakistani and Bangladesh cricketers with great respect and love. Shahid Afridi is a living proof of this. I am sure Mustafizur Rahman and Shakib-Al-Hasan would gleefully vouch for this.

I wonder why the same is not meted out to the Hindus who are citizens of the said countries! Incomprehensible!

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