Friday, September 2, 2016

Forum for writers and readers.

I noticed a surge in bloggers in India. Of late, more bloggers are featured in newspapers. Offline conversations focus on bloggers with excellent English who write about myriad subjects. I too know several bloggers in India and abroad; They look for more readers and they expect them to come back to their sites as and when they update their blogs.

Very few bloggers evolve into wonderful writers of books and such writers converge in a forum called Forum for writers and readers. where they expose their works to new readers everyday and also get to read the works of other writers from across the globe.

What is a Booksie?

It is a forum for authors and readers. They easily connect with each other. One can upload his/her work be it a short poem or a short story ot a full-length novel.

Authors can showcase their books and browse others' contributions based on their interests. There is some really good stuff and you are likely to befriend a future best-selling writer and vice versa!

I foresee Booksie as a great place for writers to develop their fan base.

My last reading in Booksie was titled "Brexiting: What's in Store for the UK?"

Anyone who is above 13 years can upload his/her literary creation.

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