Monday, September 12, 2016

How one earns money online as a ghost writer?

I thought I would touch upon the topic of earning money by ghost writing after I wrote on freelance proof reading work. Many of my blogging friends are aware that I have been ghost writing; rather I would say ghost blogging for some years now. However, not all of my friends knew that I just write for only one gentleman and he is an Italian! We are working together since 2010.
He actually hired my blog writing services when he saw my work for, a human edited search engine. The work as a web content provider involved a steep learning curve and in-depth research, the required qualities for a writer.
So, what exactly is ghost writing?
It means writing for others who have neither the time nor the skill to do research and write.
It also means, even though you write, you won’t be credited for the authorship. You will work behind the book but won’t get the creative acknowledgement. It is difficult to digest for most of the writers but not me. Plus, the money is good for the services rendered.
Generally, ghost writing involves change of writing style and adapting to the voice of the job provider. It takes some time to get tuned to that demand.
What skills are needed?
I would say doing research on the topic that you are asked to write about;
Knowledge of authentic websites to curate the content
Patience to proof read
What I have been ghost writing thus far?
Blog posts
Articles based on news
Blog comments
Interviewing popular newspaper columnists and sports writers, celebrities and even doctors and lawyers and compose a featured article for online magazines
Book reviews
Forum posting
 So, how much money can one make as a ghost writer?
Oh, tough question to answer always. My earnings are not typical. You must know that earnings of a freelancer will vary based on the quality and quantity of the content. It will be certainly low to start with but would go up as you gain the confidence of your boss.
Where one can find ghost writing work?
The usual paces like freelancers’ marketplaces that include;
Here is a book in Amazon that lists 34 places to find ghost writing work.

The road is definitely tough for newcomers; persistence is the key to success. I got a lucky break after my hard work for 

Please try hopefully if you believe that you have a writer in you.

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