Sunday, September 11, 2016

How to make money as a Proof Reader?

"How to make money as a Proof Reader?", a question asked by a co-resident in my gated community. He knew me as an Internet entrepreneur and wanted to spend his retired age purposefully. He told me that he has experience as proof reader for the local area weekly newspaper.
Proof reading work for freelancers

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I directed him to, the most respected freelancers' marketplace. I am sure he can find a gig or two initially. He came back two days later exhausted. He said the data in Fiverr is mind boggling and had no clue who will see his proof reading offer among so many others who had a head start than him.

Yeah, a valid question. It is not easy for a new comer to earn a gig or two but then, everyone was a newcomer once! One must seriously hope to get the attention of the job providers.

On my part, I did some research and landed on a blog post titled, "How to find proof reading jobs in Fiverr". Oh, I thought I hit a bull's eye.  Thanking the lady luck, I eagerly started reading the said blog post and was quite impressed with the way the content was woven over the subject that ended in offering a free e-course on "Transcript Proofreading and how much money one can hope to earn as a proof reader".

Wow! Isn't that called luck! I can see many prospective proof readers would grab that free e-course. Of course, I anticipate a paid course will be offered in the free stuff; a smart move of up-sell if I am right.

The blogger is called Caitlin Pyle and I read that she is aptly called as "Eagle's Eye".

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