Monday, September 12, 2016

Instant and portable music production gadget for DJs.

What a revolutionary music production is sp404 for passionate DJs!  It is actually portable music production sampler that has all the functions of a DJ’s (disc jockey) music mixing console.

With a mike input, a professional DJ can create a sample music remix anytime and anywhere!

Roland SP-404SX-portable music sampler

There are too much technical jargons in the specification that you and I cannot understand but as a music recorder in the 1970, I could comprehend what this music performance sampler means to a professional music mixer. Instead of explaining all its functions and facilities, the video below will throw full light on Roland SP-404SX.

When you open the link above, you can read a huge list of features that a DJ would understand than a musician. I read in a music related forum that Roland SP-404 is considered as the leader in music performance sampler.

I read that the famous DJs,  Madlib and J Dilla use this Roalnd SP-404SX.

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