Friday, October 28, 2016

The percussion instruments players’ friendly accessories.

LP Percussion  mounts and claws

The image you see above is lp percussion mount that is suitable to mount most of the percussion instruments that include the shining drum sets that we see in any orchestra, rarely used percussions such as congas, djembe, janggu and sabar etc.

LP Percussion instruments are widely used by musicians since the last 50 years.  Not only the instruments of LP (Latin Percussion) that are famous but also their various percussion instruments accessories that include mounts and claws which enables the players’ movements on the stage less cumbersome.

The improved claws hold the microphone snugly over the drums, thereby; it picks up every soft beat precisely and clearly.

Also known as drum kits, improvised mounts give ample space for the musician to stand behind his paraphernalia. Since the drums are of various sizes, the music player should be to reach out to all of them without stretching too much.  That’s why the percussion mounts witnessed a lot of innovation and LP has been a leader in that industry.

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