Thursday, October 20, 2016

Unique and colorful guitar collection.

Just for fun, I started curating images and information about the most beautiful guitars and also guitars with futuristic designs- I mean guitars that do not look like a regular guitar.

It is an era of modification. Automobiles, phones, computers, furniture-all look so different these days. Music instruments did not undergo a sea of change; most look still drab but of course the sound is so refreshing and rich when compared to music of 50 years ago.

Music instruments though not made aesthetic according to the contemporary trends, their functionality is very innovative today.

Here are some of the stunning looking guitar images that I collected thus far. Each image is linked to the source.
Transparent Acrylic Electric Guitar With advanced high-output LED light

Here is a graphic designed guitar. It looks very beautiful.

Now, look at this image below. The electric guitar is fitted with attractive blue color LED output. Really unique.

Another designer guitar below. Beautiful color.

The electric guitar below is made of vintage car parts,

The Iono Globe guitar, played by Farber Endison in the late 1950s is below..
One more very unique designed guitar.

 I have no words to describe this terrific looking guitar.
red and black guitar

I have collected 15 more lovely guitar images; I decided to keep them so that I can make a second part blog post.

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