Saturday, November 12, 2016

50+ websites for free stock photos.

I like Erika, who blogs at I like her unique style of writing, especially her opening lines.
For example:
"I’m a hopeless sucker for pretty, free photos..."
In a way, I too am a sucker of attractive images but I never used that word 'sucker'. I would say I am a 'fan' or an 'admirer' or 'curator'. 

Well, coming to that point, we bloggers, especially those who blog about anything and everything are always in need of appropriate images for our blog post. Those images that we like and want to insert in our blog posts should be free to use without any copyright infringements.

Erika's PIN caught my eye. It's titled as, "50+ websites for free stock photos..." It was accompanied by a striking image too.

I browsed through her list and I declare that 90% of them are new to me thus far.

For example, here are just 3 image resources that were in Erika's list.

I know you did not read up to this point and already are browsing her list of free stock photos.
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