Friday, November 25, 2016

Earn $50 per mini article

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The moment you land on a page I direct, I am sure you will start liking it because the words straightaway talk to you directly and they start with a positive, "Yes, we are looking for you always..."

As I kept reading that page, I somehow felt that it is a genuine site and it really is looking to hire article writers.

After quickly going through their expectations, my eyes scrolled down to the $ sign. The pay rate per article is very attractive.
$50 per mini article (500 - 600 words)
$100 per article (600 - 1500 words)
$200 per feature (more than the above of course)

There is a decent warning for you to go through their published articles to know their expectations, style etc. There is an elaborate 'style guide' too here:

It is better you read the entire web page at thoroughly before you start drafting your content.

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