Friday, November 25, 2016

Earn up to $300 per task as a professional influencer.

Do you publish and share content socially?

If so, do you call yourself a professional influencer? I mean, do you often receive money for creating sharing content socially?

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 Then, I am sure you are aware of several sites that hire your services as an infuencer but do you know a site called "TOMOSON"?

It is a wonderful online platform where brands find influencers and also you get paid to try new products.

Oh, yes, you can also have the products for free in exchange of a review. The site is also looking for influencers to promote 'giveaways' and 'discount coupons'.

So, how much per post?
It is based on your total reach and that is multiplied by 0.003( do not know the reason behind this rate)

Your total reach is calculated as below.
 website visitors + Facebook friends & likes + Twitter followers + Youtube subscribers + Instagram followers

Therefore, if your total reach is 10,000, then, your rate per post will be $30

I would say it is a decent sum.

For some products, you will receive a coupon for discount to buy the product so that you can do a honest review and keep the product.

There is no dearth of products that are waiting for influencers to write about and promote. In fact, the products range is quite big. Even as you read this, you have no clue how big is 'big'.

Look below dear. The number in the brackets tell you the number of products on offer against the corresponding category.

Arts & Crafts (115)
Automotive (98)
Baby (194)
Boats (9)
Books (101)
Business & Industrial (54)
Camera / Photo / Art (77)
Clothing & Apparel (345)
Coffee & Tea (56)
Collectibles (16)
Desktop Software (15)
Desserts (27)
Dolls (9)
DVD's & Movies (18)
Electronics & Gadgets (565)
Events & Activities (55)
Everything Else (444)
Fitness (257)
Food & Drink (294)
Fundraising (0)
Getaways / Escapes / Trips (44)
Gifts (434)
Going Green (79)
Health & Beauty (875)
Holidays (88)
Home & Garden (801)
Inventions (25)
Jewelry (135)
Mobile / Tablet / Apps (92)
Mommy (337)
Music (48)
Office Supplies (113)
Organic (107)
Partyware and Accessories (70)
Pets (108)
Restaurants (36)
Services (15)
Shoes (71)
Spas / Salons / Massages (138)
Sporting Goods (309)
Toys & Games (141)
Travel Accessories (218)

When you click on any product that you are interested in writing about, you get to see a detailed product description and that gives you something to start. I appreciate this idea.

Apart from writing a blog post, you are also expected to write a comment on the product's Facebook page, Tweet about it, share an image of it on your Instagram profile,  record and post a video on your YouTube channel and find the hashtag to promote.

You will see "suggested tasks" under each of the product and below it, you can see the social icons. When you keep the cursor over it, you will see the require task.

In some products, you will see what the budget is per influencer. I noticed $50 to $175 on a few products that I would be interested to promote if approved.

The site would soon be hunted by influencers, especially from the United States and Canada.

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