Thursday, February 23, 2017

Get paid to tweet. How?

I bumped on to Saira Perl just 5 days ago. It was through her blog post title, "How I Get Paid to Tweet". Of course I many be one of the thousands that clicked on it. I am fully aware of earning money by tweeting and I earned a few bucks very long ago. I thought Saira would be sharing her new sources of sponsored tweet and that's why I was interested in her blog post.

5 ways to get paid to tweet.
Saira Perl wrote about 5 different sources of Twitter monetization. Out of the five, two were new to me.
1. Linqia is a marketplace for influencers and brands.

I am sure the image above would make you more curious and visit the site. I believe the pay rate is quite attractive. May be you can get full details from Saira's blog post URL below. Seems to be ready to help you.

2. Twitter Party
Twitter Party
The image is linked to the source.

Saira blogged that she was paid just to attend a Twitter party. It's an online party folks. There is no link given to any Twitter party. However, I am sure you can scour the Internet to come up with several.

A Twitter party is essentially group chat with like minded people or a group of small business people. If you are a veteran of Internet marketing, you will know what exactly is a Twitter party. +Mashable has published a comprehensive blog post on Twitter Parties.

The above were new sources to me to earn by tweeting.

I am sure you are curious to know the other three ways to get paid to tweet. Go head and pay a visit to Saira Perl ( +Saira Perl (MomResource)  through the link posted above.

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