Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Would you buy a gold coin with a picture of Buffalo?

Do not ever let sentiment be an issue when you buy pure gold bar as an investment;  but only buy the finest and purest gold from the most authentic source Monex Deposit Company (http://www.monex.com/) that has been the favorite of Americans for long.

Ah, about that buffalo and the sentiment

Let me bring up the sentiment issue here. In our community, it is advised against buying anything with the picture of buffalo. It is considered inauspicious for us.

However, I rebel and buy only American Buffalo gold bars only to sell later for a profit. In fact I never run out of stock. (Please make a note of this MDC!)

It is not necessary for me to point out that Gold bullion is a unique investment but I want to say that it is the only unique investment in the planet earth.

Thank you Mother Earth for giving us gold whenever men hurt you with axe! You continue to make me rich.

Image from :http://www.monex.com/images/gold_american_buffalos.png

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