Thursday, April 20, 2017

Best 18 affiliate programs.

Seeing my profile in and past answers on online earning through affiliate programs, I frequently encounter this question:"Which affiliate programs pay well?"

I hesitate to reply because it depends on the niche a bloggers choose to promote and the trust he has earned among his blog readers over the years.  What works for one may not for another.

However, nothing can match the commission rate offered by It is up to 70% that one can earn by selling the digital information products sold through Click Bank.

Bloggers should be aware of the best 18 affiliate programs as opined by Raelyn Tan in her blog post. She ranked Amazon affiliate program at the top considering the huge range of products to promote.

Yes, my favorite Click Bank is also listed by her and ranked at number 6.

In her list, some of them are new to me and that include Avangate and Impact Radius. Please pay a visit to her blog post linked above.

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