Monday, April 3, 2017

Why piano learners prefer weighted keyboard?

Based on what I have researched on the differences between an acoustic piano and the modern weighted keyboard aka Digital Pianos, I found that whether you are a learner or a professional piano player, you want to feel the keys on the piano being pressed, create the desired sound and get back to their position. This is what they call it as ‘feel’. 

When you drive a car, you need to feel the wheels underneath and then only, you feel that you driving. On the other hand, due to technological development, if you are driving a car where you really do not feel the wheels touching the hard ground, you are likely to commit errors while manoeuvring the machine-right?

Weighted Keyboards at the Guitar Center.
weighted keyboard ,  digital piano

There is something for everyone at the guitar center. I mean you can buy any music instrument at various prices. When it comes to the weighted keyboard at, the price range starts from as low as $200 plus to $4000.
One can search by:
Learners’ piano
Professional piano for stage performance
Number of keys

It is really very thoughtful of the piano manufacturers that include Yamaha and Suzuki to give that ‘feel’ in the modern digital keyboards similar to the ‘feel’ the old Hammer Action acoustic pianos give.

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