Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Eric Clapton had no second thoughts about Fender-what about you?

A newbie guitar learner can easily get confused about what guitar he should buy because of myriad options of guitars such as:
·         Solid body
·         Acoustic
·         Semi acoustic
·         6 strings or 12 strings
·         Metal strings or nylon strings
·         Maple wood or Rosewood body

Oh I could on but these are the basic questions that would confront a beginner guitar player. However, if you tell him, “fender”, he would instantly recognize it as a famous guitar brand and his confusion will cease.

Fender guitar has a huge following and once bought, people stay loyal to it in spite of Fender itself having evolved so much in the manufacturing of solid body and Spanish style guitars.

Musicians Friend has named several top guitarists that the world has known who are staunch loyalists of Fender guitars. Some of them are none other than Eric Clapton and Simon Neil.
Eric Clapton playing Fender
Eric Clapton playing Fender
I would sincerely say to any guitarist, especially an aspiring player, “Thinking of buying fender electric guitar, check it out at

Just a word that I thought I would say about Spanish style guitar. If one begins learning guitar with a Spanish style one, he is sure to become a complete guitar player. 

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