Saturday, May 6, 2017

How many page views are required to get AdSense approval?

AdSense approval requirement
To get AdSense approval, how many page views a site should boast of?
This question had been widely asked in the web and the answers are equally wide though a very few of them only were correct or authentic.

I happen to read in quora that it is a myth that Google insists on certain number of page views of a site to be approved. Google does not ask that data at all.

All Google looks for are:
* A template that offers easy navigation to readers
* About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and Disclosure pages are 'a must'

There is one Vinay kumar Katiyar who claimed to have approved over 1500 AdSense applications had replied in detail to the title question. I followed his profile link and read several of his input in the Internet and to me, he is knowledgeable and is worthy of following.

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