Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blog about dating and earn money.

There is a blogging assignment for U.K. based bloggers. It is regarding composing a blog post about Dating. I foresee a stiff competition among U.K. bloggers as the subject is juicy and also easy.

'Dating' is the second top searched keyword on the web and the first place always is occupied by 'earning money online'.

Among bloggers, their most searched subject is 'Blogging for Money'. 

So, this blog post targets a large number of audiences; dating enthusiasts in the U.K. and the pro bloggers in the U.K.

Oh, I should add more brands in the dating niche would be watching new blog posts so that they can hire directly the interested pro bloggers.

A company that has quite a number of internet inventory in the form of online dating sites across the UK, is actually looking for interested and experienced bloggers like you to write about online dating, and relationships,

I read that the successful bloggers who are awarded the present assignment can look for future assignments in the coming months.

What exactly does the dating blog assignment involves.?
It's simple. You will be given 4 online dating websites and you must write about your honest views in a single blog post. 

The blog selection criteria
They are looking for blogs with domain authority of 10+.   Any blog niche is fine with them.

How much per blog post?
 £20 per post. 

Assignment close date:

To apply for this lucrative PAID BLOGGING ASSIGNMENT, please visit the link below.

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