Friday, June 9, 2017

SCAN your website NOW to see whether it passes security test.

In this blog post, you will learn to scan your website to know whether it passes the security threat that the Google Chrome's latest version #56 detects.

As I have a domain bought from Go Daddy, I received an email from them warning me to buy SSL certificate for my site. If I do not get it, my website visitors would see a warning message from Google Chrome that they are not secure and ask them to get to 'SAFETY' immediately.

Go Daddy then directed me to a free scanning tool to check whether my site passes Chrome's security checks.

Here is that free scanner.
chrome 56 security warning
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What does this scanner do?
This free tool scans your website for two things:
1) Web Forms that handle login or payment information.
2) The installation of an SSL certificate. This determines whether your site will display warnings to visitors using the latest Google Chrome browser version.

Why should I scan my website?
You should scan your website to find out if it uses insecure forms. If it does, Chrome 56 will display a “not secure” message like this to visitors:

I scanned my website and it passed the test. It means, my website does not require an SSL certificate.

Free SSL providers
I happen to read a good Q & A post in Reddit regarding the subject. Please click on the link below to answer.

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