Sunday, July 30, 2017

Become a Certified Web Content Writer.

There is a distinct surge in the demand for web content writers.. Trust me, I know it from my 11 years of professional blogging experience. I keep coming across text ads, banner ads in print media, and on the Internet, asking for experienced as well as fresh content writers to apply.

A few hours ago, I stumbled onto a Facebook group called, "We Content Writers" that is full of opportunities for web content writers for both freshers and veterans.
Web Content Writer training
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Web content writing work involves:
* Article writing
* Blog writing
* Social media posts that include Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, etc
* Advertisement writing
* Sale page creation
* Email composing for newsletters and autoresponders

The above Facebook group is just an example. I am sure there are more such groups in:
* Facebook
* Linkedin
* Google plus communities

I am a member of many such Facebook groups and Google Plus communities and I have been benefited financially by being a member. I mean, I got writing work from few of my attempts. Sometime in the late 2000s, I used to receive plenty of blog composing work from the Internet's most respected and active forum. At that time, there were very few platforms for freelance bloggers and work providers.

Go to and search for 'writing work' and you will be amazed at the number of people who have advertised their web content writing services. This implies that there is a big demand for web content.

Yesterday, I read an advertisement in the Times of India, Bangalore edition. It's a call for attending a free seminar on becoming a Certified Web Content Writer.  The ad below is self-explanatory.

The image is linked to the source, buddy.

Folks, it is a free seminar. I don't know who is organizing the seminar and what's in it for them. Nevertheless, whoever has advertised must have spent a few thousands of Rupees. Obviously, there is something hidden.

There is no website address or email id of the sponsors of the above seminar.  Moreover, there is no information about who are going to be the speakers in the seminar. I would have attended the seminar if it were held near my residence. I am really curious to know who is going to speak what. In addition, who is going to 'Certify'?

Do you see the word "BCUBE" under 'Program by' in the above ad? On an instinct, I searched the web and came up with a web page.

Yes, there is a fee of.Rs.3500 for an 'eight-hour training'. It must be announced at the end of the free seminar.

The links to their social media profiles are a disappointment.

Well, my point is proven; there is a big demand for Internet content writers and the supply is short. The above mentioned Facebook group has approximately 3200 members and is largely SPAM free. Kudos to the admins of the group. It is very difficult to maintain such a large group in Facebook, SPAM free.
They are:
Soma Nath Roy
Ruplina Bhowmik

I intend to curate all the social media pages that exist as a platform for freelance writers and work providers and publish a post in this blog.  Stay tuned.

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