Saturday, August 19, 2017

Get into Ivy League colleges even if you can't afford to apply.

I happen to read interesting information that concerns admission in highly sought-after Universities for those who are scoring good marks but cannot afford to apply to such colleges in the United States.

I am sure you too are aware of such high performing students with not enough income to apply to Ivy Leagues in the United States. In fact, there may be such a person in your own family who had to compromise in studying in other colleges that are not so popular.

QuestBridge, which is a nonprofit organization that is helping out low-income students to high tier universities. It works like a matchmaker.

The application and screening process is said to be very elaborate. Not many students and parents are aware of the QuestBridge. However, it is worth trying as there is a possibility to get a full scholarship too if the student gets admission.

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