Monday, August 21, 2017

New earning platform for influence marketers.

Many of you bloggers must have noticed a surge in influence marketing opportunities. Already quite a handful of internet marketing companies is active and thousands of bloggers are hired to represent their clients.

A new entrant named Bazzoka has started sending invitations to bloggers to signup to be included in their database of influence marketers.

I am reproducing the gist of the company's invitational email to me here. Interested bloggers can make use of the opportunity.

I quote below:

"It is our pleasure to introduce Buzzoka ( World's first Influencer Marketing Platform with Celebrities, Influencers, and Commoners across the globe.

We would like to get your kind focus on our service portfolio that varies across B2C and B2B communities with LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Live, Quora, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, Periscope and the world of Influencer Platforms.

Key Services Offered

1. Twitter Trends
2. Blogging (Both Experiential & Review Based)
3. YouTube, FB, Periscope (Both Live and Videos)
4. Instagram Campaigns by Top Influencers
5. Quora Campaigns
6. LinkedIn B2B Campaigns
7. Blogger Meetups
8. Product Sampling and feedback
9. Celebrity Posts and Experiential (All Celebs)
10. Snapchat influencer campaigns.

Since our platform goes live by 15th September and the quantum of campaigns is increasing day by day, we seek your help in providing some details so that we can engage you in upcoming campaigns.

Request you to please fill up the below form....."

End of quote.

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