Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Content Marketing explained in simple words.

Content Marketing explained in simple words.

Do you remember stumbling across the words, "Content Marketing" more often than 'digital marketing' and wondered what exactly content marketing is?

 If you search for the phrase “Content marketing” in Google, the results would confuse you as the words that define content marketing won’t through more light. I mean, it is not explained in simple words.
Here is a partial quote from the Google SERPs.
Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience –….”
All the first five search results contained the above words. This includes the Wikipedia and the Forbes.

Now tell me, did you understand what content marketing is?

I would put it as follows:
If you are creative in developing various forms of web content and market your services on the Internet using all the current digital marketing methods, then, you are a ‘Content Marketer’.

Is that clear?

Content Marketing is rather new to Indian online entrepreneurs. It is slowly catching up. It has reached such a stage that there is a huge demand for good content marketers in India right now.

In the U.S. and elsewhere across the world, there two distinct categories of online marketers namely:
·         Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing)
·         Content marketing

In India, there is already a good strength of content writers but they also do not serve as content marketers.

There is an increase in companies that are seeking out content marketing to reach broader customers online.

A few years there were a few individuals who offered their content marketing services. I too was one of them. Now, several companies were formed with a team of creative writers and they offer professional content marketing services matching the foreign content marketers.

What do these content marketing professionals actually create?
As a content marketing company, they have assembled a team of creative writers who are experts in researching the internet, finding and curating information and compose them into a readable document on a topic that is required by a webmaster.

 Some of the work involved is:
·         Researching
·         Curating
·         Composing
·         Proofreading
·         Editing
·         Re-writing

What kinds of content that are being developed?
• Web content writing
• Blog marketing
• Product description
• Press releases
• Email newsletter
• Auto-responder messages
• Advertisement copywriting
• Brochure and leaflet building
• eBooks
• Guides and tutorials

Some of the professional content marketing companies in India who are in good demand:

3Leaps is offering the following services:

• Article writing
• Web page content
• Guest blogging
• Blog posts
• SEO content

Lexiconn also offers the following services apart from the usual content development:
·         Catalogue Management
·         Content Counseling

·  offers some more specialized content creation that includes:
·          Content for e-Commerce organizations
·         Content for Independent software vendors (ISVs

There are several more content marketing agencies in India that are matching their overseas competitors.

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