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Excellent guide to the wholesale market in Madras

Here is an excellent guide to the wholesale market in Madras (Chennai). All these roads mentioned below are located in the historic Parry's Corner, abutting the harbor. 

When I read this piece in Facebook, I saved it to share at a later date. So, here I am, sharing ot. The names of these streets are very familiar to me.

Sri Jamuna store

I have roamed on these streets for various purposes at different times; now, they all look distant to me however nostalgic it is.

This is the old Madras for you, unchanged and not modernized at all. However, that's its beauty with all the crowd, sweat and filth on the road. This is one area in Madras where the cycle rickshaws still carry people.

Mannadi Street : If you are looking for Textiles,some imported goods then this is the street for you to shop .          

 Moore Street :If your into Cereals and pulses business head to this street for both wholesale and retail business.This street also has some very old  hotels, and lodges.\

 Angappa Naicken Street :This street is famous for Textiles and eatables

Linghi Chetty Street: Steel hardware, electric motors and pump sets if you need any of the item straight walk into this street you might get ample number of stores dealing with those pro

Thambu Chetty Street: Hardware business people this is the street you have to hit for hardware, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.\

Sembudoss Street: Iron & Steel sheets and rods, pipe\

Broadway: Cycles, optical goods, Machine tools ,weighing Machines ,Construction Uniforms ,firefighting equipments

Anderson Street: If your looking for paper products this is the street ,you get all paper related products like paper board , printing papers,diaries,notebook binding and manufactures etc This street also famous for PP cover  of all size and wedding cards etc.You can get stationary products too.

Godown Street : Hub for textiles.

Govindappa Naicken Street : You can get reasonable Electrical goods, dry fruits in this street,dont miss aggarwal bhavan samosa ,bhasudi,and rasmalai and if your there in lunch time don't miss andhra meal in National Lodge.

Nainiappa Naicken Street : Chemicals and surgical instruments\

Coral Merchant Street:  Transport and shipping offices.

Evening Bazaar : Household appliances, domestic utensils, all products for hotel industry 

 Kasi Chetty Street : Pens and Stationary,Gift articles ,plastic products etc.

Bunder Street : Books, stationeries and crackers, artificial flowers ,political flags poster etc\

Badrian Street : Crackers ,Flowers\

Devaraja Mudali Street : Glassware & Photoframing ,hardwares,Colours ,Dyes and chemicals. 

Mint Street : is famous for salwars, designer sarees, steel products, jewelry shops, Jain temples, eateries and chat shops.

Perumal Mudali Street : is a place to be as it is famous for artistic bangles, glass bangles, plastic bangles and all types of varieties of bangles.

Mooker Nalla muthu street or Yerra balu chetty street : Head to these street if you need Plumbing items, hardwares like Motors, Pumps, Tubes etc (for Stainless steel tubes)\

Anna Pillai street : For pooja items like Haldi(Turmeric), Kumkum, Champor, Betal Nut etc in wholesale .

Stringers Street : Destinations for Footwears

Royal tools agencies

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